P938 Recoil Pad - Gray - Black, Coarse

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Manufacture ID: 61051

This has been manufactured to be a great grip selection for practically any pistol shooter. An effective pistol grip can secure your shots while keeping you relaxed throughout your shoots. Thanks to the , you will find that use of a high quality side arm grip is less complicated to acquire than ever before. Built using amazingly trustworthy components, these Handgun Grips from Pachmayr are built using the kinds of durable supplies you've come to anticipate from this business. For a long time, Pachmayr has been a reputed name in the handgun shooting industry, and, aided by the , they are ready to show that they make every last attempt to guarantee just about every shooter has got the grip they're going to need to be productive in almost any shooting campaign.


- Fits: Sig Sauer P938
- Type: Coarse Pistol Grip
- Color: Gray/Black