Master Gunsmith Plug Screw Set

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Manufacture ID: 03062

These fill open mounting screw holes for most scope bases or sight base/ramps. The plug screws are offered in black oxide finish and stainless steel, as well as in a straight design for flush mounting or headed to provide a positive stop. Kit includes tweezers and thread size gauge. Slotted for screwdriver installation.

Contains 12 each of 10 commonly used, but easy to lose, plug screws.

Kit contains:

- #6-40 Plug (black oxide)
- #6-48 Plug (stainless steel)
- #6-48 Plug Screw, headed (stainless steel)
- #8-40 Plug (stainless steel)
- #8-40 Plug Screw, headed (stainless steel)
- #6-48 Plug (black oxide)
- #6-48 Plug Screw, headed (black oxide)
- #8-40 Plug (black oxide)
- #8-40 Plug Screw (black oxide)
- #10-32 Plug (black oxide)

Weight: 7 oz