Double Mag Pouch - 9mm, 357, and 40 Calibers. Paddle, Black

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Manufacture ID: 6909NDP

The Fobus Double Mag Pouch for 9mm/357/40 was constructed to be the right option to be sure you have fast and simple accessibility to your extra bullets. Produced using the best resources on the market, these Magazine Pouches from the experts at Fobus will furnish you with a durable and trusted ammunition carrying pouch that will never disappoint you when you need it most. Fobus has been in the pistol magazine carrying pouch business for a very long time and the Fobus Double Mag Pouch for 9mm/357/40 is proof of their determination to delivering the best tools for the price.


- Double Mag Pouch 9mm/ 357/ 40 with tension adjustment screws
- Color: Black
- Low profile design for concealability
- Holds mag(s) allowing quick access.
- Custom retention & exceptional fit.
- Won't scratch/deform mag(s).