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6.5mm Patriot Series Rifle Kit

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6.5mm Patriot Series Rifle Kit


The Patriot Series® by Otis offers the essential firearm maintenance gear to properly clean 6.5mm rifles from Breech-to-Muzzle®and features a new tool that acts as both a T-handle and a driver for the included 4 bits.



  • Cleans 6.5mm rifles
  • 100% cotton 3" patches and 6.5mm mop
  • Double ended All Purpose receiver brush
  • 6.5mm bronze bore brush with size marked on brush stem
  • 30" aircraft grade Memory-Flex® cable and large slotted tip for proper Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning
  • Multi-purpose tool functions as a t-handle, rod handle (attach a rod to the 8-32 threaded insert) and bit driver (insert selected bit into bit holder).
  • Four bits included: 5/32” flat head, T20 hex, Phillips #0, Phillips #2
  • All items packed neatly in a reusable hard case
  • No Nonsense Warranty Made in the USA