2018/01/22 - Tactical Lifesaver for Law Enforcement - Santa Ana, CA

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This course is for all law enforcement. Students will learn life saving techniques for an "officer hit" situation. Knife/gunshot wound survival and other crucial medical tactics will be taught. Basic hands on medical training coupled with real world scenarios are the foundation of this course. After the course, students will be able to properly and confidently deploy the contents of a basic trauma kit (tourniquet, trauma dressing, and gauze). This is a class is taught by SWAT/military medics. 

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Tac-Life & Combat Care
  • Application of the Tactical Tourniquet
  • Wound Assessment Techniques
  • Direct Pressure & Wound Packing
  • Self Aid / Buddy Aid
  • Officer Rescue – Drags and Carries
  • Real World Scenario Training

Equipment Required:

  • Trauma Kit (if you have one) – Instructors will show you how to deploy it.
  • LE Credentials

Necessities for the Course:

  • Willingness to learn new techniques
  • Dress appropriately for some light physical exertion
  • Have a “prevailing” mindset
  • Law Enforcement Personnel Only