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Submit Your Police Products


The Blue Line District store features "Thin Blue Line" and other first responder products from creative artists and vendors that want to gain exposure with law enforcement officers and their supporters. Family and friends of cops are especially encouraged to bring their talents "to market". We have listed the submission process below and the necessary requirements.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at

The purpose of the Blue Line District "Featured Product" page is for artists/vendors to gain exposure for their product. Once some exposure has been achieved, artists/vendors will have the choice to continue with us or direct faithful followers directly to their site.  We are only a stepping stone in your entrepreneurial adventure. If it proves to be a good fit for us to work together, then everyone wins.  The customers get a great product, you build your business and increase exposure, and we all support law enforcement and first responders around the country together!

How the Process Works:
• We ask that you send us an e-mail ( with the subject line "Featured Product Submission" to notify us that you are interested in submitting a product for consideration.  In the e-mail, please provide online links to information / pictures, pricing and all your contact information. Then, we will forward your item and information to our Products Committee for consideration.

Please note: We may also request an actual sample of your product.  If we do, we will provide you with the address to where it needs to be sent.

• Our Products Committee takes into consideration QUALITY and PRICE in making a decision about featuring your product.
• If approved, we will email you back as soon as possible to begin the purchase order/agreement process. The initial order will be a very small purchase to see how your item sells on our site.  If it begins to sell, we will contact you for larger orders.
• If denied, we will try to email you but due to the large number of submissions that are expected we may not get back to everyone. However, you can always email us at to check on the status of your submission.
• After approval, vendors will be required to submit a completed purchase order/agreement that both parties can sign and abide through the process. We will send you the purchase order template that we would like you to use once your submission is approved.

Our requirements:
• We pay 100% upon delivery for all purchase orders. We will not prepay for any products. We do understand that might be a burden, but please understand that we have financial constraints and considerations as well.
• Seller is responsible for 100% of the value of any and all products until delivered safely to us. It is up to the seller to decide if they would like to purchase insurance or tracking on the shipment (at your own risk). We ask that all product submissions list only a FINAL PROPOSED PRICE.
• We prefer to pay through Paypal. So, you will need to create a Paypal account if your submission is approved and you do not currently have one.

Items we look to include and our budget per item:
• Apparel: shirts, para-cord bracelets, beanies, hats, scarves, gloves, bandanas, aprons, patches, etc. (Up to $4 depending on quality).
• Jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, jewelry of all sorts (Generally $2-4 although it depends on quality).
• Reading and literature: notebooks, books, journals, diaries, comics, short stories, and novels (Generally $2-4 depending on quality).
• Bath and Home: candles, bath bombs, soap, skin cream, lip balm, custom kitchen items (Generally $2-4 depending on quality)
• Art: Custom lettered photos, photography, frameable pictures, cards, stickers, decals (Generally 0.3-0.8 per print depending on quality and whether it is handmade or mass printed)
• Other: Bible verses, scripture, bible commentary, devotionals, mugs, cups (Varies)